Positive procrastination: Let's put an end to it.

I've been promising myself I'd sit down and get this done: today I finally got a ROUND TUIT, so guess what? No more excuses ...

I'm as happy as everyone else I know to see the back of 2016 - I remember Her Maj. referring to her own "annus horribilis" in a  Christmas Day speech a few years ago.

2016 has been like that for just about everyone I've spoken to. The only way from here HAS to be UP, surely ..?

The New Year is already looking better for me! During December's dismal dregs of weather I've been contacted by THREE DIFFERENT Publishers and signed contracts on THREE Novels which will be published in 2017! 

First up, a WW2 sub hunt yarn called "The Spear of Destiny", expected about March/April. Based on the sinking of U-534, which is now a permanent exhibit at Liverpool Maritime Museum.

Later in the year, a historical fantasy (11th C.) about a Troubadour who owns a magical Lute. No firm date as yet, but watch this space. The title will be "Perori, Peacebringer". I'm halfway through writing a SEQUEL to this one.

Lastly, one for the kids, "Rocking Horse Droppings" are (as we all know) extremely rare. No idea when this might be released, but I'm hoping for a summer date. 

So how am I filling in the hours of the day? Well, apart from the above works, I've got another half-dozen completed manuscripts. I'll get around to offering them when I find someone prepared to read them, and a similar number of Works in Progress at various stages of development. 

So keep your eyes peeled and updates will soon follow! 

  -  Paul